Our services
Howie Gourmet specializes in delivering tastefully prepared, eye appealing meals
individually produced to your specifications and budget on time in a professional environment.

Spit Roast

Simple or elegant
spit roast options

Microwave meals

Daily office pre-selected
packaged microwave

Action station

Reality and Virtual
action station cooking.

Executive Cocktails

Featuring finger/fork waiter served walkabout/regular buffet style

Gala events & dinner

Specializing in plated service complimented with a full function support and coordination team.

Conferences & Training

Conferencing and home cooked training lunches.


Barnyard “picnic” style cold buffet and snack meal drop-offs.


Fashionable banqueting
on the move style
portable dining.

Packed lunches

Packed lunches suited to all day bus trips.

Design Platters

Specializing in plated service with a full function support

Braai packages

From “Tjop en dop” South African fare to Cape style “hors d`oeuvres” to West Coast ” Vis braai”


Howie will relentlessly bring your theme to life until the final menu reads like no other.