A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the Virtual home of Howie Gourmet a belated forum from which to launch Howie gourmet into your homes, businesses and boardrooms.

Browsing through this site will convince you that we have the correct Bona Fides.
Of course, there are others who have them too. We on the other hand have that key ingredient: A personality that is Howie. A spice so intense that just a pinch will add the woema, not only to the colloquial pot but in conclusion, will capture all elements of your requirements in a flavour burst of perfection.


Catering is limited only by your imagination.

Chef extraordinaire, with a larger than life, celebrity- style personality, and an inherent ability to convert culinary craftsmanship, into a fine blend of function and event infusions.

What Was, Was

The catering of yesteryear has, but with a few exceptions, dissipated into the murky depths of extinction. The reality is that the modern caterer must transform old style “circus” tent-like and dowdy venues, into the glamorous world of plush hotel lobbies with the magnificence of ball room chandeliers. Today catering is limited only by your imagination.

Howie Gourmet is a ONE STOP SHOP

The Chef is now the choreographer in charge of planning.
Timing and attention to every last aspect and minute detail.

Howie Gourmet specializes in delivering tastefully prepared, eye-appealing meals
individually produced to your specifications and budget
on time in a professional environment.