Menu guide
Selecting the ideal caterer for your event, can be a daunting task.
We don't wish to inundate you with a mountain of set menus
but rather to nurture you through this process, with menu snippets as you
embark on your culinary journey.

A simple spit

Slow turning brush fed Free State lamb

Lavished with lavender infused with olive oil, larded with fresh purple garlic
basted with the rosemary brush and expertly carved by our chef in attendance.



Salty melt in your mouth Greek cheese with fresh lemon squeeze & granny tilly’s homemade sweet chilli tomato chutney

Feta, Peppadew & Chicken Worsie

slowly beckoning in temptations of  “DONT BURN YOUR FINGERS”


In dry- rubbed Sosatie flavour or slow cooked Cola Dunkin’

jacketed baby potatoes

Sprinkled with INA’s magic spice, nestled under the hot potjie ashes, simply skottled in parsley butter & served skewered with caramelized  cobbed corn.

Giant rare roasted fillet pot bread sarmie

Seared Weber roasted fillets carved onto a bed of paprika smoked onions freshly picked rocket leaves with a drizzle of sweet & hot mustard sauce.

Griddle mushrooms

Topped with piping hot creamy spinach & feta melt

Sticky teriyaki hot grilled salmon bites

With beurre blanc splashes

Throw in some lekker salads & Veggies

Syrupy Butternut & tender long stem broccoli salad

With toasted pine kernels in a sun- dried tomato & Parmesan dressing.

The ideal Chardonnay sipping Tuscan salad

Compiled with wood fired artichokes on a seasonal bouquet of radicchio and baby herb lettuces topped with char grilled zucchini, melanzane , cherry bocconcini’s and sprinkled with Decoranzi misto fiori.

Seal the deal

with a colourful array of crisply cooked assorted baby and garden vegetables seasoned with the natural salts of slightly burnt butter.

a Table at our fair cape braai menu Hors d`oeuvres

curried fish, fried kingklip

Steeped in a fragrant Dutch pickle served from the bottom of the old oak casket

Snoek pate

Typically, rich & buttery, lapped up with the toasted crusts of yesterday’s loaf.


Plump & shelled Queens snuggled in the womb of perfectly ripened Avo’s and dressed with old style Marie Rose.

and for a pre-braai snack...


Club style triple layered toasted sandwich, shmeared with Mrs balls, tomato & thinly sliced brown onion rings melted in a cascade of Boerekrans cheese the ideal appetizer.

Typical South African sausage

Slow cooked over a wooden fire served with a mielie pap corn tart with tomato- chilli relish.

Cured pork fillets

Hung above an open pit of glowing coals tinged with aromatic smoke from brandy barrelled chips of oak.

The tail of my burgundy pot

Overnight marinated thick cut ox-tail simmered in a thyme infused merlot, one or two junipers bursting with the goodness of baby tatoes, a cassoulet of beans scattered with rainbow carrots.

... And possibly a butterflied yellowtail

Freshly plucked from chilly west coast waters and flown to us express. Simply sprinkled with smoked Maldon sea salt painted with lemon & butter and served straight off the griddle.

after tantalizing your tastebuds...

Dop & tjop braai packages

featuring traditional prime cuts of thick cut Rump open fired chicken flatties Boerie etc. etc.

Create something more intimate like a skilletted peppered fillet

Simmered in a creamed Madagascan reduction coloured with a rich homemade meaty glacé.

Fashionable walkabout high-end designer cocktail menu

in a theme of Bonsai- style mini main courses, canapés & hors d`oeuvres.

Tartar of Norwegian salmon

Tossed together with fresh caper berries pinched basil & Danish feta topped off with tomato diamanté & green pearls of wasabi caviar.


Toasted breads brushed with virgin olive oil rubbed with purple garlic & rosemary, topped with slow roasted Italian concasse bursting with organum, smoked sea salt & crisp fried pancetta lardons.

Cappuccino sip

Our signature blend of exotic mushrooms richly frothed into a ” Fungi” cappuccino

London-style fish & chips

Sea fresh hake fillets battered or grilled with vinegar soaked pomme fritters tossed into the daily times printed newspaper cones.

Retro beef wellington's

Petit fillet mignon shmeared with a chicken liver & herbed mushroom pate baked in a colourful French cocotte with a proud golden pastry dome.

A good chicken biryani

Succulent chicken pieces typically braised in an aromatic basmati topped with a nest of “Angel Hair” dried chilli

Chicken & cashews

Sesame & ginger wokked chicken, simmered in a rich sauce of cashew nut butter perfumed with coconut & coriander tossed onto a bed of sautéed kale.

Greek lamb lolly's

Hand held little ends of the shank spruced with zesty lemon & sea salt slow roasted with a dollop of minted cucumber yoghurt

Sliders New Orleans style

Quaint burgers – 100% pounded char grilled beef burger topped with a Cajun slow roasted pineapple & a pouring sauce of jalapeño cheddar paired with a Jack Daniels sticky pork belly sliced onto Smoky Joe caramelized onions and a side of Zucchini fries.

Jewels of the sea

Wild shucked sesame & poppy toasted Lüderitz oysters set on a mild fennel curried cream with roasted peppers.

Asian pulled duck

Slow roast free range duckling shredded onto a wokked Chinese cabbage with sweet plum drizzle.

Downtown joey's 60's

The Diva’s mini government loaf corked filled with an aromatic Malay bobotie topped with Yvonne’s favourite chakalaka.

Hot outa' da tin cup

A hearty old fashioned broth infused with the week`s veggie & meaty trimmings we use only the freshest bouquet seasoned with a little Knorrox with floating dumplings.

Trio of cabbages dim sum- style

Steaming cabbage dumplings braised in Go go’s tomato bredie with three fillings of pork & sage, chutney beef and shanty chicken.

Breakfast risers

Picture perfect plated selections

Sun drenched Tuscan salad with key village notes

Anti-pastis assortment of Italian charcuterie, most creamy mozzarella “la buffalo” with roasted tomatoes, artichokes a la Griglio with drunken olives and a melanzane toasted ciabatta. 

Salad of smoked calamari, chardonnay mussels & salmon nigiri

On a crunchy Asian cabbage with tempura vegetables and a rice dipping sauce.

Modern classical duck

Citrus salted breast served medium rare, fanned around an apple potato of Confit duck leg on a calvados jus topped off with luminous asparagus spears.

Simple winter lamb

All day braised shank plonked onto a butternut & sweet potato crush with on the stem rainbow carrots, toffee onions and a rich rustic sauce.

A fisherman's dream

Mauritian sea bass seared & blackened slightly in a Creole shellfish gravy with herbed couscous & roasted vegetables.

The old style three way cooked perfect steak

A grass-fed sirloin presented on the bone -entrapping the juices over an open flame hot mustard roasted then gently rested in a slow simmering skillet of brandy sauce from the bourbon street cafe. accompanied with the perfect classical fondant potato and a beautifully assembled garden salad.

African twins of chicken & lamb

Supreme of chicken filled with wild village spinach sliced atop a Samp & Bean risotto of Moroccan lamb knuckles with earthy vegetables.

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